Megan Woods, a black woman raised in the Bronx, founded Pexch Cosmetics in 2018. She followed her dream of beginning a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression and embraced broad racial diversity. Her goal was to create distinct cosmetics that broke all barriers in the beauty industry, while working to spread awareness of beauty diverseness and to embrace all shades of skin tones through a unity bound by cosmetics. 

Megan always believed that makeup is just light-hearted, beautiful fun for people to simply love and enjoy. It is a fascinating tool used for each person’s unique self-expression, regardless of age, race, or gender. This is the ideology that Pexch Cosmetics was built and still stands upon today, and what also sets the brand apart from competitors.

Pexch Cosmetics is a female and Black-owned brand.

Pexch Cosmetics is headquartered in Troy, New York.